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Science And Humanities


Science And Humanities​


Department of Science and humanities was started in the year 2010 and has crossed many milestones in its development. The strength of the department lies in its dedicated faculties, students, well equipped laboratories and Centers of Excellence.Mission of the Department: Equip, Engineer and Enable the students to become responsible engineers and citizens of the country.

1. Department of Applied Mathematics
The Department of Applied Mathematics offers courses to undergraduate and post-graduate students of various engineering disciplines. The syllabi have been designed in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Computational Techniques and Statistical testing to impart the sound knowledge of the various mathematical tools used and their applications in the engineering disciplines.

2. Department of Applied Chemistry
The Department of Applied Chemistry offers courses to undergraduate students of various engineering disciplines.

3. Department of Applied Physics
The Department of Applied Physics is providing a sound science base for all engineering disciplines in their I and II semester. The courses of the II semester are designed to serve the need for a particular branch of engineering. The department has well equipped labs for B. Tech students where experiments are designed to broaden experimental skill related to various branches of engineering and technology.

4. Department of Humanities
The Department of Humanities imparts instructions to UG and PG students of the various engineering disciplines and caters to their needs in the areas of English, economics, technical communication, technical report writing, industrial organization and managerial economics.

5. Physical Education
The Department of Physical Education is well equipped with modern infrastructure and includes activities like Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Athletics (track and field) and Martial Arts. Sports are in fact a way of life for the student’s conscious of health fitness and those looking for professional star status. Physical education, a learning experience, offers a unique opportunity for problem - solving and self-expression and socialization. A well implemented, comprehensive program is an essential component to the growth of both mind and body. Physical education-is an integral part of educational program designed to promote the optimum development of an individual physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually through total body movement in the performance of properly selected physical activities. The primary aims of physical education have varied, based on the needs of the time and place. Most of the institutions’ goal is to provide students with knowledge, skills, capacities, values, and the enthusiasm to maintain a healthy lifestyle into adulthood. Activities included in the program are designed to promote physical fitness, to develop motor skills, to instill knowledge and understanding of rules, concepts, and strategies. Students learn to either work as part of a team, or as individuals, in a wide variety of competitive activities.

Head Of Department
Hrithika T

Asst. Professor



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Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab

Department Objectives:

To mould our youngsters into millennium leaders not only in technological and scientific fields but also to nurture and strengthen the innate goodness and human nature in them.

To facilitate students to learn and imbibe discipline, culture, and spiritually besides encouraging them to assimilate the latest technological know-how.

Enhancing the competence of faculty to very high level and to make them adapt all modern and innovative methods in teaching- learning process.