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Electrical & Electronics Engineering

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Besides giving a thorough grounding in basic sciences and engineering subjects the curriculum in Electrical Engineering lays emphasis on deep understanding of electrical and electronics networks and devices, electromagnetic field theory, computer fundamentals, control system and instrumentation, electrical energy converters and electrical energy transmission and distribution systems, including their protection and communication and control systems, etc.

Our department has got all the facilities as per the specification of AICTE such as well qualified and efficient faculty members, well equipped laboratories, department library and seminar hall etc.

Department Objectives:

✔ To impart quality education to the aspiring students of engineering in Kannur district and to create a high level of confidence to solve various engineering problems.

✔ To provide a perfect blend of Technical skill and soft skills to face unique challenges and move ahead.their lives with Personal Integrity, Professional Ethics, and Civic Responsibility in a Global Society

✔ To develop an ability to harness all the potential for self-developments and explore obstacles on the way, think differently, design innovative strategies and communicate impressively.

List of Teaching Faculty

Mr. PURUSHOTHAMAN.T B.Tech HOD/Asst.Professor
Mrs. RASILA.R B.Tech M.E Asst. Professor
Mrs. KAVYA VENUGOPAL BE M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr. ASWANTH LAL B.Tech M.Tech Asst. Professor
Ms. ANILA V.V M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr. RAJIL.P M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mrs. REKHA PADMAN M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mrs. LIJINA.K M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr. GIREESHAN.K.KM phil MBA Assoc. Professor
Mr.THOMAS.C.M M phil MA Assoc. Professor
Mr. MANUAL.K.M M.Sc Assoc. Professor
CHRISTEENA JOY MSc Asst. Professor

List of Technical Staff

JERIN N K Lab Instructor
SINDHU.K Lab Instructor